Garage Doors

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A garage door is an important investment.
Style, color and condition of the door have a major influence on the general appearance of the building. When buying a garage door should take into account what you want to achieve. If serving as a workshop, utility room or play area, then you need a door with insulating properties. Otherwise you can choose the version without thermal insulation.
Residential sectional garage doors are a legendary performance and durability at the most affordable price. These garage doors are available in alternative, classic or modern. Natura panels provide a low maintenance finish that looks great year after year.
Sectional garage doors are designed so that safety comes first. These doors meet European standards of quality and reliability.
Door panels are painted in electrostatic field and presents corrosion treatments.
Panels are provided with protection against trapping fingers, the safety device in case of broken door spring and fall, photocells and engine protection meeting obstacles in automatic drive version.
The materials used to produce sectional garage doors are her best quality, sandwich panels are galvanized steel sheet and painted in electrostatic CAPM, rails and accessories are galvanized steel sheet, sliding rollers are stainless steel .
Sectional garage doors are ideal for spaces insulated.
Good insulation is provided by panels of 40mm thick high density foam and seals the door and the whole contour of the panels.
Optional garage door can be equipped with windows, ventilation, recessed pedestrian door, lock, lock or unlock exterior automatic drive version.
The panels can be a line or box, in any RAL color.
Driving can be done manually, very easy thanks to torsion springs or electric motor with remote control and emergency manual drive can.
Single door that can be fitted inside the sectional door access without having to open all doors. This situation is recommended when no other means of access thus reducing heat consumption.